When you buy a boiler or radiator system from QHT, whether you realize it or not you are getting something much greater than a boiler for your home heating system. All of our manufacturers comply with global material and safety standards such as ISO 9000, ASME, UL, ETL or CSA. For instance Biasi’s foundry in Italy has the best anti-pollution available where even the paint is collected and recycled. You are buying into the new culture of environmental protection and fuel efficiency, but it is still the old style of good global ethics.

Locally, the little extra you pay allows us to train our representatives to supply the technical and after-sales support which gives QHT’s products their signature performance, longevity and value.

Most of our earnings are used to improve existing products and develop, new more efficient boilers and radiators in the last decade we’ve invested a great deal in renewable fuel boilers utilizing wood gasification and high efficiency pellet burners. Products which will improve our climate and your comfort.

When you choose a QHT product, you are buying a product from a 35 year old company who cares about your expenses, your comfort, your values and your satisfaction.