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Biasi Products
The world of Biasi was created based on heat and enjoyed past success in the sector of radiators and industrial boilers. It then grew in the residential heating segment by adding cast iron and wall-mounted products to its range. Its current catalogue includes systems able to meet any request.


Biasi Riva Plus


The Biasi Riva is a wall mounted, standard efficiency boiler perfectly suited for systems utilizing traditional baseboard heating elements.  To reduce fuel consumption, the Riva operates “on-demand”, only firing when there is a call of heat or domestic hot water.  This boiler also modulates to perfectly match the heating or domestic load.








  • 84.5% Efficient
  • ASME Certified Heat Exchanger
  • CSA Approved
  • Output Modulates from 37,000 BTU to 101,000 BTU
  • Versatile Venting Solutions
  • Wall-Mounted


  • Ten Years for Primary Heat Exchanger, Two Years All Remaining Components
Riva Combi (M130.30CM):

Riva (M130.30CR):